Prosecutors Demand Life Sentence for Montana Bride Killer


Jordan Graham must wait until March 27 to hear her fate when a Montana judge decides how much time she will have to spend in prison for pushing her new husband off the edge of a cliff.

The 22-year old newlywed Graham made international headlines when she was arrested for the murder of her new spouse by shoving him off of a cliff while the two were honeymooning in Glacier National Park.

Graham contends the two merely went to the park to talk about their marriage of eight days. When her husband, Cody Parker, didn’t show up for work, a co-worker reported him missing. He was found dead at the cliff bottom 72 hours later.

Federal prosecutors involved in the case are recommending that the killer Montana bride receive no less than a life sentence behind bars, saying she’s shown no remorse. But Graham’s attorney, who calls the murder of her new groom reckless yet unintentional, is asking the court for leniency and will recommend a much shorter prison sentence of 10 years.

Graham did not report what actually happened at the time, but told friends that her spouse left for several days to go joyriding with his buddies.


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