Menstrual Can Distract Your Sleep, And Effect Your Health

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image source: Medical News Today

All Women has to suffer from that five to seven days of her life and that is very obvious because it’s a natural thing that is ‘menstrual’. This is a very important thing to happen in women life because if it will not happen at the right time it could be a sign of that you are not fit.

Nowadays young women have to face so many problems like the disruption in sleep during their menstrual period of time.

According to Anne E Kim a medical student at Case Western Reserve University in the US she has found that sleep got more disturbed during those days and which is affecting their healthy life.

Increasing sleep disruption could be the reason for so many problems in your body and not having the proper sleep could take you to so many diseases which could be related to the abdominal, vagina and mental stress.

Waking up end numbers of time in a night because of a menstrual period of time could affect your sleep efficiency and this thing can take you to the late luteal phase.

According to the research, As in normal days sleep and menstrual period of time sleep, both nights of sleep have compared and they have found the huge difference.

The next day when the women who are going through with the menstrual period of time they are more disturbed and sounding very low and their faces were looking unfresh because of a not having a proper sleep in other hands the women who are normally not going from that time they are more rejuvenated and these women wake earlier than those women who are going through with the menstrual.

Women have to suffer from so many problems like during the menstrual days like cramps, changes in mood and behavior, Menstrual disorders and bleeding. Most of the times in many women its brings so many changes like fluctuation in hormonal level during the menstrual cycle.

Avoiding access salt, alcohol, and caffeine can maintain menstrual.


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