Know How Stress Affects Different Age Groups

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According to research taking stress at an early age could be dangerous for your upcoming years. it can affect your hormones and health too. TAking stress in early age can produce cortisol in your body which you shouldn’t ignore because it can play a very significant role in the body.

A study founds that stress an early age could affect your adulthood which can directly affect your hormone. Cortisol is one such hormone in the human body which is responsible for handling the stress. The levels of cortisol vary throughout the day. The peak in the hormone is observed in the morning and then a decline is seen throughout the day. If the pattern of cortisol is disturbed then it can lead to many negative effects on health.

Ethan young researcher of this study said that “What we find is that the amount of a person’s exposure to early life stress plays an important role in the development of unhealthy patterns of cortisol release. However, this is only true if individuals also are experiencing higher levels of current stress, indicating that the combination of higher early life stress and higher current life stress leads to the most unhealthy cortisol profiles,”

The main aim of the study is to understand how stress ultimately affects the brain. Does it really affect the brain more when there is a sensitive period of development? All these questions needed to be answered. Another thing which needed the explanation was to analyze how the stress-response system will react to the stress which comes in the later life if they already encountered the problems in childhood. There are various events on which the stress depends like financial trouble, relationship problems, physical danger etc. Various age-groups were studied which included (1-5 years), (16-17 years) (23-34 years) and (37 years).


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