Fishes Can Help You To Overcome With Antibiotics

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Doctors and Researchers always try to find new ways to increase life expectancy, as well as they, are trying to improve medical science. So, here according to the new research a study has found that using Fish Slime could be the better option rather than antibiotics.

There is no doubt using excessive Antibiotic can harmful for your health. “one of the biggest public health challenges of our time.” The research found by (CDC)Centers for Disease Control And Prevention.

In the US (United States) Researchers has found that thing consumption of antibiotics is increasing day by day and this is the most common issue. Therefore there are approximately more than 23000 people got to die.

Scientists are continuously trying to find a solution to this problem. For example, freshly researchers have invented a new species of bacteria. According to Molly Austin, “Fish mucus is really interesting because the environment the fish live in is complex,”., He is doing graduation from Oregon State University and he is a chemistry student.

Slimy coated fish has a good amount of antibiotic powers and the most important thing is gloopy coating is very beneficial for the fish because its traps help to destroy pathogens of the environment. like bacteria and viruses which can harm.

According to a contributor he writes, “fish cohabitate with a multitude of bacteria and viruses but often resist deadly infections.” This is so beneficial for the fishes and better to protect them as well as humans.

Scientists put up a team to recognize which type of fish can help to overcome the antibiotics problems. So here they found small fish like newborn fishes have much solid mucus layer because of the immune system of that fishes are not fully developed. therefore, they need more extra precaution.

These fishes can use for the fish slime. For example, instead of cultivating fishes in a fam they can more useful to help humans to overcome with the antibiotics problems.


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