Excessive weight Could Be The Reason Of Pancreatic Cancer

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image source: MedicalNewsToday.com

We all know excessive body weight is not good for health. Even underweight is also not much for your body, If you want to live a healthy life then you have to maintain your body weight. So here according to research, they have found that extreme weight could become the of Pancreatic cancer in your body. They have examined the new cancer cases which are notably deadly kind of cancer.

A study introduces excessive weight in adult age could instantly take you to the way of pancreatic cancer. It doesn’t show its impact in early age but it will surely danger in the older age. The major age has chosen to resist the pancreatic cancer is before the age of 50.

Pancreatic cancer has a Five-year survival rate with just 8.5 survival rate. Pancreatic cancer is moderately not that much common but researchers have found that only three percent of cases which is related to Pancreatic Cancer.

According to Eric J Jacobs. The senior scientific Director of Epidemiology research at the American Cancer Society in the United States. He said that “Pancreatic cancer rates have been steadily increasing since the early 2000s,”.

He has also added this in his statement “We’ve been puzzled by that increase because smoking – a major risk factor for pancreatic cancer – is declining,” he said in a statement.

A researchers team collect data from 963317 US adults who don’t belong to any kind of cancer history. All members provide the measurement of their Height and weight at the beginning of the study. Some members belong to the age of 30 rest are the 70s or 80s. Researchers have also used the data to measure the (BMI) body mass index.

The members who don’t have a compatible weight according to their height. They are under the risk of pancreatic cancer.


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