Crunchy coconut biscuits for all the snack cravings: Check recipe here

We all get our snack cravings in the odd times of the day. Be it after a meal or in the evening, or in the middle of a work from home meeting, we always feel the urge to munch on something crunchy and tasty.

With the monsoon here and the week kickstarting and bringing us all kinds of Monday blues, our hectic schedule of the day demands a bit of a break with crunch and the burst of flavours for the tastebuds. And when it comes with the goodness of coconuts, then it just gets better with every bite.

Imagine the crunchy taste of the coconut merged with the delectable condensed milk and butter, and it all comes together in form of little treats – we have the perfect recipe for you to make these crunchy coconut biscuits at home. Check out the recipe by baker Shivesh Bhatia here:


1+1/4 cup maida

1/3 cup coconut

5 tbsp cold butter

1/2 cup condensed milk


Mix maida, coconut and cold butter together in a bowl. Then add condensed milk to it and make a dough. Spread the dough in between two butter papers and make an even layer. Cut the layer of dough with biscuit-shaped moulds of your choice. Then bake the biscuits at 180C in the oven for about 12-15 minutes. After taking the biscuits out, garnish the sides with molten chocolate and shredded coconut. Serve and enjoy with your near and dear ones.

Health benefits:

Coconut comes with multiple health benefits. It helps in boosting the heart health and the weight loss journey. It also helps in enhancing digestion. However, coconut is high in calories and unsaturated fat, and should be consumed in moderation. Unsweetened coconut makes for a great addition for a balanced diet platter.

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