Apple Users Got Disappointed, because They Failed to Complete Their Promise

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image source: Hindustan Times

Apple users got disappointed with the company because they failed to fulfill their promise.
Apple promised to launch Apple’s AirPower, a wireless charging mat that can charge an
iPhone, an Apple watch and a pair of AirPods all at the same time, but it is officially
canceled because of its low quality.

Apple promised to start selling their new device in 2018 but failed to do so.

Some of its users have been waiting for the product since the announcement of the product
in 2017 and they apologized from their customers. The tech giant didn’t explain the reason
for their failure but the tech fans and the media start speculating. One explanation is given
that it is theoretically impossible to build such a charger mat.

It is said that it produces a lot of heat because of the 3D charging coils in close proximity to one another require very cautious power management, said TechCrunch reporter Matthew

Apple started using its wireless charging on its iPhone since 2017, but it doesn’t come up
with the wireless charger. Actually, Apple has never sold a self-branded wireless charger. All iPhone wireless charger on Apple’s official store were made by third-party brands like

Lacking an official charger still means Apple product line has a gap to fill.

Many alternative charger mats have been found on the e-commerce website. With these charges, you can just toss the gadgets on the mat randomly as Apple promised with the Airpower.

All you have to do is put them carefully. Some charges use the wired stands to charge the
Airports. These chargers aren’t cool but they work as intended and have been there for
a while.

More than 1,000 such alternatives were sold last month.

But with the death of Airpower will affect the sale of new AirPods as the wireless charging
the box has become less charming without the charger mat.

The output of the Apple charger is still limited to 18 watt, which is slower than most fast
charging technologies in the market. Even Chinese smartphone technology has developed
the “SuperVOCC” technologies, which has put two-half sized batteries in one phone to
achieve better-charging technology.




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