This is how Kate Middleton can become the next Queen of England

This is how Kate Middleton can become the next Queen of England
Image Source: Closer Weekly

Queen Elizabeth has been holding to her queen’s title since she was 25 years old but no matter what nobody can have it forever and the throne has to be given to her young generations. Everybody has loved the love story of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and it seems so unnatural to be curious about whether Prince William and Kate Middleton will become the next king and queen of the united kingdom or not. The answer is yes, no matter how late, but they sure will be given the throne one day.

If Queen Elizabeth decides to take retirement or passes away, the line of succession hints that the Prince of Wales or Prince Charles would become king. If one of those same events occurred to him, then Prince William would be the next in line since he is the oldest son. Prince Charles is 69 years old, and if he takes the throne to become the next king, he will be the oldest heir to do so.

The line of succession only includes the blood relative that means that Kate would only become the next Queen if her husband becomes king. This would technically make her the next queen consort since she is the queen through marriage and not by blood. If Princess Diana were alive today, she would have also wanted Prince William to be the next king of United Kingdom because he is the more deserving, intellectual, understanding, and obedient among the two brothers.

Prince Harry would only get a chance to become the next king when Prince William was dethroned, or any of the circumstances arise where Prince William cannot become the next king. No matter what, everybody is eagerly waiting to see Prince William and Kate Middleton to become the next king and queen of UK and continue their rule for the coming decades.


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