Hurricane Florence sweeps Carolinas

It is seen that Hurricane Florence now continues to batter coastal North Carolina.

Hurricane Florence sweeps Carolinas
Image Source: WXYZ-TV

Hurricane Florence who is now downgraded to a Category 1 storm which is now continued to sweep across some parts of Southeastern United States on Friday. It brings down some powerful winds which sweep along with the warnings of life-threatening storm surge as well as rainfall, as per National Hurricane Center. There are some reports which are about the collapsed roofs as well as other structures which were said to have occurred in Morehead City area of North Carolina.

It is seen that Hurricane Florence now continues to batter coastal North Carolina. The local communities are now already started to reports about the rescue as the water level started to rise. As per a post on Facebook, the city of New Bern has announced on Friday that local police along with fire rescue teams are now conducting high water rescues which are now done throughout the city.

The city is also said to be made Trent Park Elementary School as a location for those who will get evacuated. As per a new update which is from the National Weather Service at 1:00 AM, a gauge which is present on Neuse River at New Bern has been measured with about 10.1 feet of inundation. This new reading shows that there is a rise over the course of the night which is at 12:00 AM.  The NWS has reported about 9.6 feet of inundation at New Bern.

AT midnight, some areas of the coastal North Carolina were said to be experiencing the life-threating storm surge. There are warning of multiple flash floods which were in place that can affect the cities of Wilmington as well as Rocky Point which is as well as communities which is along the state’s southeastern coast. The speed of the winds are now about 71 mph and gusts up to 87 mph.


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