Hepatitis A spreads to Nashville; confirms MPHD officials


Recently, the Metro Public Health Department’s (MPHD) officials have confirmed that hepatitis has hit Nashville, the largest city in Tennessee.  The department also has confirmed that till now 14 persons have been affected by hepatitis and the number is now increasing since last six months. The first hepatitis case was first detected on 1st December 2017.

Now the authority is taking effective steps to prevent hepatitis. As per the report, to reduce hepatitis outbreak in Nashville, the Metro Public Health Department has joined with the Tennessee Department of Health. The MPHD has also started hepatitis vaccination from Tuesday at three government-run health Centers.  As per the statistical report, each year about two people get affected by the disease in the city.

The largest hepatitis outbreak occurred in early 2017, in cities like Kentucky, Indiana and more. The disease is now spreading from one person to another. People who are homeless and used drugs are affected the more. A recently published report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), illicit drug users, person involve in sexual activity with homeless individuals, work with the high-risk people, have contact with, care or live with person affected with hepatitis A, men who have sex with men, and have chronic liver disease like hepatitis B or hepatitis Care art higher risk of hepatitis A exposure.

Brain Haile, CEO of Neighbourhood Health stated that hepatitis A can be controlled if the affected group gets vaccinated as soon as possible. The hepatitis vaccination will be given those people who are homeless, consume drugs and individual men who have sexual contact with other men.

However, other reports have informed that there are not enough vaccinations in the health Centers and will not meet the demand. The authority has only 1,150 doses of hepatitis A vaccination. The current amount of the vaccination will only cover less than four to five percent of hepatitis affected person.

MPHD has stated that during the vaccination, the priority should be given to individual concerned with sexual activity and illicit drug users. The three health centers where the vaccination campaign will be held are East health center, located in East Trinity-lane, Woodbine health center at Oriel Ave, and Lantz health center at Charlotte Ave. The vaccination will start at 8 am and will be continued till 4:30 pm.

It may be noted that here, hepatitis A virus is the reason behind hepatitis A liver disease. It may take many days or weeks for symptoms to show up. Its common symptoms are abdominal pain, dark urine, fever, vomiting, nausea, jaundice and clay-colored stools. This disease can be treated by proper vaccination. It the condition goes sever then the individuals require hospitalization. The recovery process may take few weeks. It spreads when a person comes close to an infected person like through sex or caring. The only way to kill the virus is through hepatitis vaccination.


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