Dark Chocolates have capability to boost your brain

dark chocolate

Eating Dark Chocolates have always been a pleasure to people. Everybody likes chocolates and what if we say that consuming chocolate will help to enhance your memory and immune system. Yes it is true, a recent study reflected that consuming the dark chocolate is very helpful in improving the cardiovascular and cognitive health.

Dark chocolates are rich in cacao which is a flavonoid and this will result in lifting up the mood and fighting the stress which we handle in our daily lives. In one study scientists gave a dark chocolate bar to some person and then checked them after 30 minutes of consumption. Their brain waves were then studied with the help of EEG. It was noticed that brain waves were increased after 30 minutes.


Dark chocolate

Dr. Lee Burk said “Gamma frequency is associated with neurosynchronization, in other words neuroplasticity…. It is the highest level of cognitive processing,” Gamma ways will tell us that cells are now more active and talking to each other then they will be in active state to learn and memorize. To further study the effect of chocolate on immune system. The participants were given chocolate and then remained under observation for one week. They observed that anti-inflammatory markers were increased and T-cells which are responsible for immunity were also increased.

This study was done on only small fraction of people about 10. So nothing can be told clearly. Cacao which is said to be the main ingredient of dark chocolate will also stimulate the blood pressure level also so increasing and improving the vision.


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