Consumption of eggs can prevent diseases related to heart: study reveals


A recently conducted study has suggested that eggs are very beneficial to health and help to prevent heart strokes and other heart diseases. Forget about apples, eating an egg a day could help you keep the doctor away. This is what a new study from China, published in the Heart journal has informed. Eating an egg each day may prove to be significantly helpful to reduce cardiovascular disease, claims the study.

The study was conducted in China to know if eggs are bad or not. The researchers also wanted to know if there was a link between consuming eggs and having cardiovascular disease, major events coronary events, ischemic heart disease and stroke and hemorrhagic stroke. Prof Nita Forouhi from the University of Cambridge stated that one egg a day may provide great health benefits.

Nowadays, most of the doctor advice people to consume eggs. Because, egg carries high protein, Vitamins B12, D, A, and B.  It also consists of zeaxanthin and lutein which are best for eyes. Commenting on this, Dr. Frankie Phillips, from the British Dietetic Association stated that consumption of one to two eggs per day is good for health. But he also has given warning that egg consists of high level of protein too much of protein level can damage kidneys.

In 2007, the British Heart Foundation had released a report which informed that people should consume three eggs in a week. Eggs have often been associated to be a reason for high cholesterol level but on the other hand, they have been recommended by most dietary experts due to their high protein level and some other nutrients such as Vitamin D and K and omega 3 fatty acids as well.

The authors said that their findings contribute strong evidence to the dietary guidelines set related to the consumption of egg for the Chinese adults. As per the report provided by Heart UK, one egg provides 4.6g of fat.

Doctors generally do not recommend to take frying egg. Raw or lightly cooked eggs are good for health. To prevent food poisoning, it is important to cook eggs thoroughly.  Don’t by cracked eggs as they can get affected by bacteria. Egg whites last for around three weeks and yolks last for three days. If frozen well, both will last up to three months. It is good to consume eggs within 28 days from the day of they were laid. Sometimes, children under five suffer from allergic caused by eggs but in case of adulthood, it is very rare. The most important thing is one should cook them in the proper way to prevent health diseases.


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