Common Cold: Symptoms, New Drug For Cure


Cold and Cough are two disease which are really very common and curable but gets worse sometimes. Common cold is communicable disease that means it spreads from on infected person to a healthy person. It is caused by a virus called as rhino virus and the life span of the virus varies. Some dies within 1 week.

Common symptoms

  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Runny Nose
  • Sneezing

Not only a single virus is responsible for cold in people but over 200 strains have been found to be responsible for the cold. It is present in the environment and people catch infection through air. It generally does not have any vaccine.

Common Cold, New drug, Cure

UK scientists have come up with the way to fight against Common Cold. They says if we start targeting the causative organisms which is the virus and they come in hundreds of versions, then it will be more hectic. The new treatment says we should target the host in which virus is living.

When a virus encounter our body it overtakes the functioning of body’s specific protein to replicate and grow. In London, Imperial College, researchers are working on a drug which is inhaled so that side effects would be reduced. Strains of Virus rely on the human proteins to grow.

In study, a human protein of liver was targeted named NMT. Nature Chemistry Journal Reports said that it worked very rapidly and took around few minutes.

“The idea is that we could give it to someone when they first become infected and it would stop the virus being able to replicate and spread.

“Even if the cold has taken hold, it still might help lessen the symptoms.

“This could be really helpful for people with health conditions like asthma, who can get quite ill when they catch a cold.”said Professor Ed Tate. He also said that he is starting to target the host and it is a bit radical.

Viruses causing Cold are evolving so fast and they are so diverse so developing resistance against drugs which will further create several loaf of problems.

Fighting with an infectious disease may be tricky and hard as it easily transfers from one person to another. So prevention is better than cure and we all should take care. Washing hands before eating and after touching any outside thing will help.





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